To My Tribe – Finally 200RYT

Lets just dive right in. The last 6 months have been hugely influential; there has been sweat, laughter, tears and transformation. I have learnt more in this short time than I have in the rest of my life. And I’m not just talking about Sanskrit yoga poses. Through listening to all your stories and sharing moments of great emotion with you, I have learnt about humanity, I have learnt empathy and I have learnt love.

Starting the programme I was very nervous, I knew I was one of the youngest and I was worried I would have trouble connecting with you all as a group. I was concerned my experiences, thoughts and opinions would come across juvenile. By our second weekend those worries had fallen away as you all showed me that true friendship transcends age (and gender).
I admire all of you, your strength in showing your vulnerability and your courage throughout our journey together to discover who we really are. In a world full of judgement and criticism, you have taught me real bravery by taking off your masks and bearing your souls. In a world full of hatred, through your endless support and encouragement, you have taught me what it really means to love. Indirectly you have answered a lot of life’s questions.

Learning who you really are and seeing all your quirks and eccentricities has been the best part of our journey. Yes, we are yoga teachers. Yes, we can teach some badass asana (badassana). But we are so much more than that… we are creative, courageous and aware; we are a family, bound by experience, love and a few downward facing dogs.

namaste x



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