adventure awaits 

I am currently 7 hours into a 10 hour plan journey, but still another plane ride and 12 hours away from my stop for the night. When I have awoken tomorrow morning (and hopefully after a good stretch), I will have one more short fly until I reach paradise.

You would think that by now I would be tired, a little agitated and wishing the next few hours away. At least, I thought I would feel like this. On the contrary, I have surprised myself firstly by really enjoying this flight so far, and secondly by realising how precious these hours are. I know at the end of my trip I will read this back and wish that I was here again. I am determined to savour every moment of the next 6 months, even the transitional periods. After all, it is how we handle the transitions in life that determines our outcomes right?!

For those of you who don’t know – although I’m sure most of you do as I’ve been talking it non stop (sorry everyone), I’m on the way to Hawaii to live for three months on a beautiful wellness retreat called Kalani.. located in the jungle, half a mile from the beach. They are a non profit organisation, dedicated to supporting and preserving Hawaiian culture, whilst encouraging their team of volunteers (that’s me!) and residents to take part in their daily yoga, martial arts and meditation classes and spend as much time outside as possible. Oh and also they have hula dance classes, ukulele lessons and a slot on the timetable dedicated to cloud watching. So yeah. That’s home for the next 3 months.

From there – on November 24th to be exact – I fly from Hawaii to Mexico to begin adventure number 2 and my first experience of backpacking. The plan is to backpack down through Central America, working in hostels along the way. This is  mostly to keep expenditure to a minimum but also to further my (very limited) Spanish skills and get to know the continent from a different perspective. My route is: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and eventually ending in Colombia where I imagine I will be spending the majority of my trip staying with friends of friends (thank you Angela) before flying home from Bogata. I predict this whole part of the trip will take 3-4 months, which is likely when I’ll run out of money or start to feel homesick. Obviously I will be carrying my mat with me throughout the duration of this journey continuing with my mantra of the last year or so; dance as many days as possible. (Yes I often dance through my yoga poses)

So there you have it. The beginnings and seedlings of my adventures. I couldn’t tell you exactly how I managed it. All I know it I had a dream, wrote it down, put a few plans in motion and watched the rest unfold before me – and I have never felt more ready for anything in my life.

Namaste X


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