keiki o’ ka’aina

“Children of the Earth” (whose first love is Hawai’i)

I have to catch myself when I realise I’ve been in Hawai’i for a month, it feels like two years and two days all at the same time.  But living so close to an active volcano, 10 minutes from the fresh lava following into the sea and creating new land, it makes sense that time is different here. I fell in love with the land here almost instantly, constantly aware the lava flowing beneath my feet, the dragonflies floating around my head and the coqui frogs singing me to sleep at night. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the Island of Hawai’i is a magical place, and putting my experiences into words is a challenging concept.

I am living in the jungle on the least populated island (the big island), so much of the land around is untouched, raw and wild. Getting used to life in the jungle was definitely an experience, but an adjustment I felt I had already made prior to my arrival. I’ve learnt that you can wash absolutely anything in vinegar (clothes, food, furniture), I’ve made friends with some geckos, I greet the wild pigs every morning and I leave offerings for the fire ants outside my tent. Community life has also provided me with a lot of insights, mostly to do with my perception of myself and how I interact with others. Close proximity living combined with the energy of the island allows for some beautiful friendships to form, enabling us to learn and grow together.


The simplicity of life here is something that has been calling me for a long time. I have eaten fruit from the trees, swam naked in the ocean, danced around bonfires and in drum circles and walked (crawled) barefoot across lava rock. Four shifts a week in the kitchen on site seems like nothing compared to the work hours back home, and the early mornings don’t seem so early when you feel like you are part of something you believe in. Providing your fellow humans with delicious food while you all enjoy paradise together.

Most of all Hawaii is showing me the direction my life will take and how to free myself from things I no longer believe in. I’m learning how to let go and allow myself be guided in the right direction.

Ike – you create your own reality

Kala – you are unlimited 

Maika – you get what you concentrate on

Monaua – the moment of power is now

Aloha – to love is to be happy with

Mana – all power comes from within

Pono – effectiveness is the measure of truth

namaste x



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